50 Hours In A Country That Doesn’t Exist On A Map (Transnistria)

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WE’RE BACK! Weekly uploads until December then every 2 weeks! We have been filming quite a bit just recently, it is been insane being able to do this again. We have got plenty of life updates coming along with some of the most terrific adventures to date.

On this trip, Eric and Thomas head to a country in Eastern Europe that does not exist that calls itself Transnistria.. Considered risky to travel to by some acquainted with the region.. They chose to travel there without itinerary and see what they find.

This notion was submitted to us by Nick Bowlby in our Creative Internship program we hosted last year! We had 6 folks from the Yes Fam pitch ideas for us every week for several months and an abundance of terrific things came out of that, which includes this one. So shout-out to the Yes Fam and Nick for getting us out to this peculiar and distinct “country”.

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  1. You HAVE to watch this until the end.. You seriously won’t believe what happens while we’re in the “country”. But ah it FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK! We’re going to roll weekly the next few months until December then stick with videos every two weeks! Got so many crazy adventures coming your way very soon I hope you’re excited. We’re definitely not the first to travel and make a story about Transnistria so shout-out to all the other creator who had already been. Hope you enjoy our take on it and the crazy end of our trip. Much love and see you next week! – Thomas

  2. When will you link up with Bald & Bankrupt?? He’s living your motto to the fullest!!

  3. Litratistang Adventurista

    Literally cried watching your moments with Grandma and Yelena.

  4. Sherif Tiraspol also beat Mdrid lmao

  5. The tears n good vibes are lots on this one today. My hearrtt

  6. Ashley de Andrade

    This is amazing. Thanks guys, this one was especially awesome.

  7. Such a wholesome experience

  8. The land of the great tachanka

  9. Excited to see their co-op with J. Harris!!! Also, love these more obscure international series

  10. Babushka is the sweetest !!! I believe it was fate that brought you together <3 Love you guys

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