5 Things No One Ever Does with Ferrofluid

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  1. Ferofluid in water


  3. WE ARE VENOM LOLalso an evil prank to play on someone unless it’s an enemy then by all means use it as motor oil

  4. Nate: Eats glue
    Calli: wants to drink ferrofluid
    Nate: No

  5. Can you make a microwave video: a lightbulb, ivory soap, ect

    • Or compare different glow in the dark paints and spray to see what glow the brightest on certain objects

  6. can u check the workshop for uv residue from your uv vid?

  7. Joshua Metzcar

    You should use ferrofluid under your spinning camera thing

  8. What if you put a vacuum in a vacuum

  9. I think that’s the stuff VENOM is made from

  10. I have a little bottle with ferofluid in it, and once, I went to play with it and the ferofluid had turned from a liquid into a wierd blob

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