5 KG. MONSTER SANDWICH – Brazilian Food Tour in Curitiba, Brazil!

CURITIBA, BRAZIL – Curitiba is found in the Paraná state of southern Brazil. It is a nice city, and they known particularly for meat. #Brazil #BrazilianFood #hugefood

Mercearia Fantinato – Carne de onça (Jaguar meat), also known as jaguar meat, yet of course not jaguar at all, this steak tartare (raw minced beef) got its name on account of the raw meat breath you will have after you eat it. It is mixed table-side, and it is tasty.
Price – 53.99 BRL ($13.54)

Costelão do Gaúcho – One of the things that Curitiba is known for, and all of southern Brazil, is meat – and particularly the beef ribs are amidst the prized cut. Costelão do Gaúcho is an astonishing eating place that specializes in beef ribs. The proprietor is an expert, treating each rack of ribs with respect and roasting and smoking them with precision. I liked his table saw methodology of cutting the ribs. The ribs were remarkable, as was the whole meal with all the side salads and dishes.

4 Beans Coffee Co. – We stopped in for a quick coffee, but that turned into a coffee roasting session, which was wondrous.

Lanchonete da Lombada – Here we go, the mega 5 kg. Lombada sandwich. Lombada means speedbump in Portuguese, because it was previously a street food stall right in front of the speedbump. It was just crazy, big bun, layers of meat, hot dogs, colossal quantities of wring cheese. It is not a food challenge, but a really well-liked local family meal in Curitiba, Brazil. Total price – 50 BRL ($12.45)

Tio Dog (Uncle Dog) – Most probably one of the most iconic of all the Brazilian fast food in Curitiba is TIo Dog, specialising in a bunch of different sandwiches and hot dogs. We got The Philadelphia, a bun filled with hot dogs, a selection of unidentified sauces, and little crunchy chip fries. It is one of those late evening impulse foods – not something I’d eat on an every day basis.

Curitiba was fun, and it was a Brazilian food tour of meat!

Thanks to Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food.


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