5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong | The 10s

5 foods you are consuming mistaken.

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5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong | The 10s


  1. TBH the cupcake thing is too much work, just gently twist the top half off and youll have the same result with half the work.

  2. 8:25 wtf u giv it to them with the wraper. fbe u ef’d up

  3. Hannah Obeng-Mireku

    TBH, the chicken wing hack had me shook to the most

  4. For the pineapple I think if you want to eat like in the clip it’s maybe depends on the type of pineapple as well. In my country we have that kind of pineapple that can eat like that and if it’s not that one can’t

  5. That pineapple wasn’t ripe….

  6. you have to use a very ripe pineapple for that hack to work!

  7. all of these are really stupid

  8. Oscar Salvatierra

    Flying through all the levels in a game and die once on accident 1:54

  9. 7 subs Challenge.

    There’s no wrong way of eating

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