“48 Hours” investigates what occurred to Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito documented her street trip cross-country with her fiance before she was reported missing on September 11th. Now her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, is a person of interest in the case. CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan joins CBSN with the most up-to-date for “48 Hours.”

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  1. The last name Patito is Spanish or Italian so stop the racist thing. This case is so popular because of her online activity. Not all missing folks are that well known online

  2. How bout even 1/4 of all this attention to some of these other missing people?

  3. Most likely parents helped him, how convenient that he left his cellphone and wallet!

  4. It’s cute that they put “cause of death still unknown” at the bottom… they know he killed her and I’m sure they have all the evidence they need. They want him to read that, feel safe because they have her body and still don’t know how she died, and then turn himself in.

    It’s clear the FBI told them the cause is unknown but they didn’t tell them what to write fully, because using the word “manhunt” won’t help make him feel safe like they want.

  5. A bunch of morons in the comments calling this missing white girl syndrome and trying to make this about race news flash this isn’t about race


  7. I can’t understand why the fbi and police let him have all this time to escape every knows you they could have bought him in on day 1..as a person of interest…let’s be honest main interest…nz

  8. #JusticeForGabby.

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