48 Hours in Asakusa, Tokyo | 6 Things To Do

Asakusa is one of Tokyo’s most iconic quarters. We spend 48 hours in Asakusa and eat, drink, bathe and investigate our way around the city! And alas, we are doing it with Ryotaro.

♨️ LIVE JAPAN | Travel Website
Where we remained: https://livejapan.com/en/in-tokyo/in-pref-tokyo/in-asakusa/spot-lj0001251/

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  1. NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Are you ready for Ryotaro and his hidden jam?!
    I’m not.

  2. Mustachio's Motovlogs

    Ryotaro at the end saying “this is the real Japan” kinda reminds me of “the greater good” in Hot Fuzz

  3. Never thought I would live in Japan, but I did visit Tokyo over new years and I saw this place. It’s crazy seeing a video of the place you were.. at? Man I really am living the dream out here.

  4. The ending of the video made me think “This just in, British man eats parts of his hometown”

  5. 12:33 does he have his socks on

  6. Let miss camera woman eat in peace! <3

  7. Fantastic video. Love these sort of ones.

  8. stop bullying risottoro 🙁
    great video

  9. you look like egor tusk in the cover photo

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