37 Questions | Annie LeBlanc & Paige Danielle

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  1. Ahh my name is Taytum(like Tatum) !! ✨

  2. omgggggg my name is Tatum!!!!!!!!

  3. Itsgabbymorris !!

    Why is everyone talking about the baby being tan? She’s mixed what do you expect I-

  4. My dad was born in Portland!!!!!??

  5. Who else already knew that Hayley sleeps with her eyes half open they have shown it in previous vlogs

  6. What happens to Luna?

  7. Jasmin Sampieri

    you should come back to Australia to vist

  8. Time, 2:20 If you wondering…

    Pagie : name 4 other name that starts with A….

    Annie: Asher, Anthem,Andre
    (I think thats how you spell it?)

    I thought she would say her name or something , And of course she’ll say ASHER because thats her boyfriend ?

    Like if Annie should do A boyfriend tag , Thats a great Idea!??

  9. The baby is so tan

  10. Wtf Danielle Cohn vibes
    Annie Lebrat

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