36 Minecraft Ideas Mojang Rejected

Mojang are always making a new Minecraft update, so players can recommend new features! These are all of the Minecraft ideas that Mojang do not want to add to any future Minecraft updates.
There are so many of these Minecraft removed features, hope you get pleasure from!

thanks to these gifted mod devs for making cool mods!
redwood – Biomes o plenty mod
colored redstone mod – pyre540
fixtures mod – mrcrayfish
redstone paste mod – fyberoptic
time travel from dalek mod

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  1. Did he just use Dalek mod in a video???

  2. The villager one is just- SENDING me

  3. Mogang = the WORST!
    Why not redwoods!?!?!?!?!?

  4. tbf mojang is kind of trash so no wonder

  5. Enrico Vermeulen

    Mojang: all hostile mobs must be fantasy
    silverfish: geuss ill die

  6. ęrrør 4Ø4Sheÿîhuhrf

    I hate Moe Jang so much now

  7. I think if all of these were added in Minecraft All Fortnite Kids will Play Minecraft More now than Fortnite and Mojang will earn loads of money

  8. ęrrør 4Ø4Sheÿîhuhrf

    4:13 wow that is very funny knowing about disc 11 and 13

  9. I want herobrine

  10. *ahem excuse me?, baby zombies ride chickens is real life?!!*

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