34 Things You Missed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Second Trailer Analysis

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet second trailer was on June 1st, 2022 where we got new pokemon unveils and now we take a deep look in a trailer appraisal for 34 Things You Missed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Second Trailer

0:00 Intro
1:04 Footage Not Final
1:56 Pokemon Center Kiosks
2:45 Crests
3:49 Past Vs Future Theme
5:46 Area Checkpoints
6:16 Gorochu Inspiration
7:05 Multiplayer
8:44 Battle Transition
10:36 Battle UI
14:08 Legendary Pokemon

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  1. I loving the game and can’t wait to play. But damn game freak for making your rival a cutie pie. Now I won’t mind her pop up every 10 to 20min into my gameplay.

  2. I bet gen 9s region has a ballin vineyard

  3. It’s not much, but it will hold me over for a while

  4. You the only one.. I hear that from everyone else are loving the legends. The scarlet legend can of reminds me of the lizard that obi-Wan rides in one of the star wars movie? So maybe the leaks that you can ride the legends can be true. Also they can of to a point be like motorbikes with the red one being past and the second one begins futuristic bike?

  5. idk about the graphics, i think that legends arceus “comic style” looked better than this “trying to be realistic”

  6. This is just my speculation but at the very end of the trailer we see the pokeball breaking through the crystal wall. The crystal that is located on the title is the same as the wall. I’m thinking that this might be the new evolution animation.

  7. Thank you for clarifying how the footage is going to be degraded

    Dumb dumbs like me would have just thought the graphics were a little lacking

  8. I just wish the character we play wasn’t a kid for once. Kind of like Gen 5.

  9. Or it could be like the Italian mod 🤣 the future and past don 🤣

  10. The legendarys just keep bringing me back to the idea of ride pokemon like if they were laying down they kinda look like the future and past versions of motorcycles the red one had a straight up wheel on his chest and the violet one would be a hover bike just an interesting idea i had

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