$300 vs $2000 Coilovers

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$300 Maxpeedingrods vs $2000 Tein coilovers. Does more high priced mean more better? Let us figure out. HiLow is back, baby.

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  1. Suburu!!!! WRX!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

  2. 02:10 Sorry, my ADD just couldn’t handle that

  3. Subarus always be blowin up

  4. Can we have a “Go Nolan!” Tee shirt?

  5. Finally, more content in actually doing stuff with cars!!!

  6. I wish I had a cool high school car. I only had a 1997 Toyota Camry and it wasn’t even the V6 🙁

  7. Never knew that this gen of impreza used McPherson in the rear. Also, aren’t you supposed to replace strut bearings along with the shocks?

  8. Viks energy in this was great lol

  9. Crazy that some 2100 dollar coilovers didn’t mount up properly unlike the cheap ones. Maxspeedingrods coilovers aren’t terrible and they work well on the street.

  10. 19:49 😆weight reduction! 👍

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