3 True Disturbing October Horror Stories

To kick off the season, here are three allegedly true fright tales that occurred in October, dispatched by viewers.

Story 1 : Martin K.
Story 2 : “Rectifier”
Story 3 : Michael Morhardt

Listen to these tales + more:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/071MBMLwjKsfHLZDs3OolC?si=f74e5d02dced4300&nd=1
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/mr-nightmare-scary-stories-for-sleep-study-and-chill/pl.u-76oNlB6uvGqv5B3

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  1. That first story made me feel bad. I dance alone in the dark with my iPod on. Everyone I know really put guys down for dancing.

  2. my gosh the last one gave me chills.

  3. who else comes by every year

  4. At work today I saw a guy kill another with a gun shot him dead during a fight and ran and here you fruit baskets getting scared over ghost stories…

  5. Let see if you guys are the same as me.

    If I were alone, and something like in story 1 happens, I would shit my pants.
    But if my wife was in the next room, my first instinct would be to run inside, break the door, and kill whoever in there. Even if a weak friend was in danger, the only thought I would have is to eliminate the danger. But alone I would run cowardly

  6. no because the 2nd story made me shake

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