3 Disturbing TRUE Farm Horror Stories

A residence in the middle of nowhere, a cornfield right outdoors, what could potentially go mistaken?

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  1. Highlight of my week ✨️

  2. Now story 2, a cow head in a circle of candles is freaking satanic 😨

  3. Try this shit in Texas where they don’t fire warning shots

  4. Nope. I see you in my field at night in a mask you and you’re freak friends will be shot. No bluffing no bullshit just shot. The end.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    Should make a podcast

  6. Kid: calls dad
    Dad: Good luck
    Also kids: hey lets go watch a movie.

  7. ThatMinecraftCamel

    The cow head on story number 2 freaked me in to fear

  8. The second story is scary, but doesn’t the author know that cows are female? Bulls are male.

  9. That moment when someone is repeatedly referring to a cow as a him

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