#3 BUCKS at #5 HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | July 3, 2021

#3 BUCKS at #5 HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | July 3, 2021

Led by Jrue Holiday’s 27 PTS, 9 REB, 9 AST and 4 STL, the No. 3 seed Milwaukee Dollars overcame the No. 5 seed Atlanta Hawks, 118-107, in Game 6. Khris Middleton added a game-high 32 PTS (27 in the 2nd one-half), along with 7 AST and 3 STL for the Dollars in the victory, while Trae Young summed 14 PTS, 4 REB and 9 AST for the Hawks. The Dollars have now closed out this best-of-seven series, 4-2, and will advance to the NBA Finals for the 3rd time in franchise history and the very first time since 1974 to confront the Phoenix Suns.

0:00 – 1Q
2:27 – 2Q
4:29 – 3Q
7:32 – 4Q

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  1. Malachi Locklear

    Pointing this out, Capela needs work. He is a potential threat for Atl.

  2. Fun series. Holiday & Middleton looked stellar.

  3. Robin Abernathy

    I’m starting to think its mental with Middleton. He did the same thing last year against Miami when Giannis went down. He just seems to play better and more consistently when Giannis isn’t on the floor and is hurt.

  4. Terrell Johnson

    Not watching finals if trae not in it

  5. 00:52 that’s why young will never be a superstar. superstar should not be a one way player period. lmao

  6. @ 0:53 Tucker travel

  7. i remeber my friend ron from state hes playing for the valley boys in practice in philippines heloves bucks also his wife sherill in don bonifacio he got 2 doberman sheena

  8. Giannis Antetokounmpo would be proud of the Bucks

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