2WD Hydraulic Driven Bicycle

Far Cry 6 is out on seventh October so to take on the Resolver Philosophy I have made a dirt plugging Bicycle for the wastes of Yara……
Check out Far Cry 6 at https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/far-cry-6


Track 3 is Called “Sedgwick” by “Bedspin”
Visit http://bedspin.bandcamp.com

Track 4 is called “Touchdown” by “lying for Friends”

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00:00 Start Duh
00:56 Building Begins
04:09 First Start up
06:37 First Road Test
07:20 Bigger Engine
08:13 Speed Test YO
09:46 2wd First Setup
10:41 Final Design Boi
12:05 Its the end bit where i discuss things


  1. 2WD Bicycle has so much potential lol, You know i love a Bicycle build


  3. What happened to the nice ska and punk you used to rock in your videos. Now it sounds like a bad insurance commercial.

  4. Gotta stick knobbly tyres on it surely!

  5. This is just a motorbike lol

  6. where’s the hole furze, tell me where the hole is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. With some proper offroad tires maybe it would perform a lot better?

  8. Wear helmet, It makes me scared idk why

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