2HYPE Was Talking Sh** Then Got EXPOSED BAD! 5v5 Basketball!

Linked up with 2HYPE for some 5v5 basketball. I hold grudges 😈

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We coming all year long !


  1. y’all look like Sylvester the cat w how much spit coming out your mouth

  2. Nah 2 hype got smoked 🤣

  3. Bro but some respect on 2hype name Higgs they all got more subscribers then you nigga they all hurt bro so they can’t really do anything

  4. This shit starting to feel scripted af

  5. Bro nokizzy i woulda slapped the fuck outta this kid for all dat shii talking lool these guys didnt do nothin

  6. I respect the trash talk but u was just going over board for real

  7. Michael Luttrell

    Ngl, 2hype got hoed !!!!😮‍💨😂

  8. Nick whole team got anger issues

  9. 2Hype not even trying, I wouldn’t want to play against nobody with no respect either. Cash outta beat all they asses at once 😂

  10. You talk all this crap about Kenny having no views everyone in 2 hype has more subs than you. Plus ZackTTG wasn’t in the game. Ur so annoying and ur trash talk is horrible it’s kinda funny.

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