2HYPE Read Mean Tweets

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  1. 2hype needs to do a week of prank wars; like if u agree

  2. Tigers Fan All Day

    James-No eyebrows
    Cash-Large forehead
    Kris-Tall and skinny
    Mopi-Short and hairy
    People aren’t even tryin’

  3. cash;s foreheadad never ages

  4. 2hype got it out for MyTypaEdit

  5. 9:30 i cant breathe

  6. Jesse: Im not dumb

    Also jesse: Australia is a Continent

  7. I’m surprised jiedel didn’t get roasted about his ankles being broken by mopi

  8. The flight edit 😂😂😂 & they were going after blood with jiedel 😂😂

  9. These little kids who make these jokes just aren’t funny sad to see 2hype go this way

  10. 5:10

    I am Davis???

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