2b2t Griefers Just Did The Impossible

Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we will talk about how 2b2t griefers just did the infeasible; griefing the lead developer of all of Minecraft, Jeb.

And CONSIDERING that 2b2t griefers just did the unfeasible, I felt it was appropriate to use the jeb screech meme.
2b2t is now anticipating the 1.17/1.18/1.19 Minecraft update. Really electrifying times!


  1. Thanks for that red arrow in the thumbnail Fit, couldn’t have seen Jeb without it

  2. That looks so cool

  3. please fit try harder to avoid spreading fake news as this “jeb_” player was just a fake player and the server was not vanilla

  4. Bruh dude got Jimmy here in merch



  6. ip tracking and account deleting intensifies

  7. Is that JIMMY IN YOUR MERCH TRAILER?! (also really dope song)

  8. Imagine being so bored you grief one of the most high profile Mojang employees.

  9. He said the line 4.9 seconds into the video.

  10. The avengers tracked thanos and went to that planet to kill him unarmed

  11. When you see your username as he is scrolling through examples :O

  12. calling it rn, dream smp is gonna get blown up by these very men

  13. how to deal with Minecraft bugs:
    track dow head developer Jeb and dostroy his world so he knows Minecraft servers are trash

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