25 Ways to Hide Your Valuables in Minecraft

25 Ways to Hide Your Valuables in Minecraft! Minecraft has an abundance of precious objects, from diamonds to netherite. So, to make sure nobody else on the SMP steals your objects, then you have got to hide your diamonds in some secret chests and barrels. Here are some of the most crazy ways to hide your diamonds, netherite, gadgets, armor, and a lot more on the multiplayer server to make sure your friends never thieve your objects. Let us see some of the weirdest foolproof ways to keep your diamonds safe and make sure no one steals your things in this Skip the Tutorial list!

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  1. Skip the Tutorial

    Subscribe, or lose your diamonds

  2. Skip the tutorial: uses shulckers in hidden places

    Me: puts my valuables in shulckers then breaks it

  3. Just get a ender chest and nobody can get it

  4. an extension to the enderchest thing: place shulker boxes in your enderchest, and if you have a silk touch pick, you basically have a rather large amount of storage that only you have access to.

  5. Happy holi to all of u 🥳

  6. Ender chest!

  7. Skip : hide ur barrels and youll be fine

    Ender chest : am i a joke to you?

  8. I know how to make this video obsolete in two words
    Ender chests

  9. wow ur vids do very well the day they r released

  10. Thaw Phone gamming Thaw Phone gamming


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