25 Things Only in Minecraft Education Edition

Education version has so many crazy features!

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Character drawn by @MagnaGallina



  1. Actually the agent is in a coding version of Minecraft which btw is free

  2. Skip: bedrock dosent have a screenshot functionallity
    Nintendo Switch: Am I a joke to you?

  3. My head hurts

  4. It’s actually called the agent not “robot”

  5. My mom is actually getting education edition for my homeschool! I should show this to her, could be useful.

  6. Weird YouTube recommended but good video

  7. Shobana Adhakari

    wow i never known thise

  8. the title really is 3 things only on education edition bedrock has 22 out of the 25 things they can be enabled in world settings.

  9. You can get the allow and deny blocks in Bedrock Edition by using /give

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