25 Surprising Secrets in Elden Ring!

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00:00 Hymn of the Bats
01:15 The Song of Lament
03:05 No Maidens?
05:12 Blaggard Big Boggart
06:02 Foreshadowing
06:38 Binocular’s Reach
06:54 Spell Reach
07:45 Curl up and…be reborn?
10:00 Short Circuit II – Electric Boogaloo
10:47 Thy Meagre Flame
11:57 The Eyes Have It
12:49 The Player Survey
14:12 At The Deathroot
15:09 Godfrey’s Guidance
15:43 Water Under the Bridge
16:37 Final Wish
19:09 Rune Tax
20:13 Gostoc the Grafted
21:23 Two-Faced
21:57 Daedicar’s Woe
22:51 Radahn’s Favourite Animal
23:48 Gurranq’s Howl
24:20 The All-memorising
25:17 Soulslike

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  1. Thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoring today’s video. Go to https://strms.net/VaatividyaHelloFreshOctoberYT and use code POGVIDYAOCT65 for 65% off plus free shipping on your first box!

  2. Not fully spruced up on my lore, but doesn’t Radhann hold back the stars, which is why the sisters couldn’t see them perhaps?

  3. Thats was strange because said I can hear my mother voice once again does that mean the item was made using his mother voice or am I just looking into things too much xD

  4. 19:09 This explains why I only lost some ruins in stormveil castle… Oh. wow

  5. Ranni sounds like she required more minerals.

  6. Sarah Don't T[A]P Me!!

    I love Gideon’s spells. The whole game he used you as an errand boy, then he turns on you, using the spells you found for him against you.

  7. SMToon Entertainment

    The near extinct language was really incredible. I wonder if we’ll see more in the dlc? I’d be excited for more history and hidden bits!

  8. A double voice for ranni could be cool if the one voice spoke normally and the other said “mhhm” in between her sentences

  9. Bisexual Rykard un-canoned, so sad

  10. Elden Ring really needs a battle pass

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