24 hours in amsterdam, netherlands

beware of coffeeshop

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5VzFvh1JlEhBMS6ZHZ8CNO?si=9w7Ji-hhQO2WQhMD4LNeDA&dl_branch=1
apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/anything-goes-with-emma-chamberlain/id1458568923
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  1. Does any one know the fit of jeans she’s wearing?

  2. the blue butterfly shorts i NEEEED 😭😍

  3. bored but exciting hahaha love u:)

  4. i could watch this shit for hours

  5. The way the music fits the thrift shopping scene was perfection 🥲

  6. I guess I don’t have understand how ladies don’t track their cycle and don’t know
    When it will come, that way you know to bring your own stuff especially when you’re gonna be out of the country and can’t find what you need 😳

  7. How you paid at albert heijn self checkout??? because i couldn’t use my card and had to go to the register to use cash 😭🥲

  8. emmmmaaa you need to go to japannnnnnn

  9. Coming from the uk and almost all my holidays all my life being in Europe I can definitely agree American chocolate is so so bad 😂

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