23 Changes You Maybe Missed in 1.17 Minecraft

23 Changes You Maybe Missed in 1.17 Minecraft Update! With Minecraft’s recent update to edition 1.17 in the Part I of the Caves and Cliffs Update, there are an abundance of features that folks are discussing for example the spyglass, copper, and more. Though, with all these new features and updates added in, there are lots of teeny tiny changes that go unnoticed. So, let us see what is altered in the new 1.17 Minecraft update in this Skip the Tutorial Minecraft list video clip!

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  1. Skip the Tutorial

    Subscribe, or 1.18 never releases

  2. How am I going to flip my pc?

  3. Can we request Minecraft to name ingots to bars or pieces

    • That isn’t all of the changes to 1.17 when u sheer the sheep the color of the sheep’s skin is the same as the sheeps color

  4. Fun fact: Hold down space, left CTRL, and right CTRL. Then the credits will go into hyperspeed.

  5. Its geminitays world…

  6. #8 on trending

  7. Imagine being in Minecraft beta and you can’t even change your frucking skin
    This comment was made by non beta version likers

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  9. “The potato’s will be cooked” Me looking at the uncooked potato’s in the chest…

  10. Robbie william Medina

    Iron is rarer than gold..
    Do you want to know the version?

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