22 Easter Eggs THAT BACKFIRED!

22 Gaming Easter Eggs THAT BACKFIRED!

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  1. subscribe or else your life will backfire…. (also comment ones we missed if you want part 2)

  2. Honestly if I was in charge of making easter eggs in every game I think most games would get banned because if any of the stuff in my head was to be turned into an easter egg it would literally traumatize children

  3. yummer mystery is already solved it’s placed as a joke and easter egg with socks but was cut out due to it being a kids game.

  4. Yammer was a placeholder

  5. Mom can i have some hot coffee…. Mom what are you doing?

  6. Doctor Dubstep gaming

    if a game is player made rather it be robox or a fan game they can add what ever that want into there game

  7. Doctor Dubstep gaming

    i don’t play gta but that fact that it got an adults rating because of cut content is dumb

  8. The thumbnail is fake
    Its auctually a copy of the first lego star wars game

  9. yummer was actually supposed to be a meme

  10. T5g

    Deez is auctually a creepy pasta
    And nuts is oswald

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