2023 BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes S-Class vs Audi S8 // Ultimate German Luxury Face-Off

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The 2023 BMW 760i xDrive Sedan ($124,595 USD as spec’d, $175,785 CAD), the 2023 Mercedes-AMG S580 ($144,995 USD as spec’d, $188,775 CAD), and the Audi S8 ($138,445 USD as spec’d, $164,250 CAD) are here to answer a fundamental question. Which of these three luxury limos insulate and destress you from your worries the most?

Ride quality, interior comfort, and tech are of the ultimate significance for this class of automobile. Manufacturers regularly aim to create an effortless and opulent experience for both the passenger and driver alike – but which does it best? Thomas and James spend time with each of these lavish sedans and choose a favorite. Which do you think will provide the most sumptuous experience? Watch to figure out what the people think! We hope you take pleasure in the episode.

A really humongous thank you to:
Stefano, Matt and the team at Bob Smith BMW for loaning us their 7 Series. Check out their inventory here! https://www.bobsmithbmw.com
Kelly and the team at Keyes European Mercedes-Benz for loaning us their S Class. Check out their inventory here! https://www.keyesmercedes.com/


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Editor: Karston Chong and Daniel Mason
Sound: Harrison Dickson and Karston Chong
Magical Genius Logistics Planners: James Engelsman and Gregory DeCaire
Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io

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  1. No contest here. S class has been the king of large luxury sedans for decades now

  2. Weather Tech must love you guys. lol

  3. Always loved the S8’s since the Transporter series. Definitely the Drivers car.

  4. BMW and Audi outer styling is terrible, looks cheap. Really these brands are bought by styleless upstart people?

  5. James: “I don’t actually care about looks.”
    Thomas: “Oh well good, let me direct you to the 7 series.”
    Me: 💀

  6. S8 for the win but it needs more options and I personally think it looks the best


  8. That BMW front is horrendous man, the interior though, WOW. S-Class once again doesn’t miss as king of luxury in that range. Would it have been better to compare the two to the Audi A8 instead of the S8? or did they go for the S8 because of the V8

  9. S-klasse N 1

  10. Афон Слепцовский

    Mercedes S-class for CEO, BMW 7-series for Chief Designer, Audi S8 for Chief of Security Department.

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