2022 XXL Freshmen Read Mean Comments

Watch Nardo Wick, SoFaygo, Babyface Ray, Doechii, Cochise, KenTheMan, Big30, Kali, KayCyy, Big Scarr, Saucy Santana and tenth spot victor BabyTron address the haters’ mean remarks.

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  1. Sinners repent

  2. Surprised these mfs can read

  3. They might be able to rap, but they sure can’t read. Jesus.

  4. Bad Actors Academy

    It’s official… I must be old because I don’t know NOT ONE of these artist or their music

  5. Cuz this nigga babytron funny dawg😂” u look like a cornball imma call u Cornelius”

  6. Where’s the freestyle tf is this shit

  7. Ratioed

  8. Why are they going so easy on Santana


    I don’t know a mother fucking one

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