2022 XXL Freshman Freestyles Trailer

Check out a preview of the 2022 XXL Freshman Class freestyles featuring Nardo Wick, Doechii, SoFaygo, Babyface Ray, Kali, KayCyy, Cochise, Big30, KenTheMan, Big Scarr, Saucy Santana and BabyTron.

Video clip directed by Travis Satten (travissatten.com)

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Visit the 2022 XXL Freshman Class official page: https://www.xxlmag.com/freshman/

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  1. Which 2022 XXL Freshman’s freestyle do you want to see?

  2. antonio jaramillo

    Ngl all these new age rappers seem scared to actually freestyle over a beat. I guess it’s just not a thing anymore. I think some of them are good but I’d like to see how they perform when put on the spot with an unknown track to rap over.

  3. Damn, we didn’t get a Lil Keef this year, let’s goooo

    Rip to Keed btw 🕊

  4. #Shittyboyz 💩💎

  5. hot take BABY TRON IS ASS

  6. I know my least favorites lol

  7. Dalton Sullivan

    yo they got crazyslick damnn

  8. Kyrese Robinson

    saucy Santana shit was so ass it’s crazy 😭😭

  9. Don’t even know the Kaycyy dude but his shit sound the best so far fs

  10. Kaycyy just differentttt he brung a whole choir like it’s Sunday service sheeeshhh 🦊

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