2022 XXL Freshman Cypher With Nardo Wick, Big30, Big Scarr and KenTheMan

Watch the 2022 XXL Freshman cypher featuring Nardo Wick, Big30, Big Scarr and KenTheMan.

Video clip directed by Travis Satten (travissatten.com)
Video clip produced by Back 2 One Studios

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  1. Who do you think has the best verse in the cypher: Nardo Wick, Big30, Big Scarr or KenTheMan?

  2. 6sixcrip♿️💙

    Best xxl of all time I swear 🤬🔥💯

  3. I must be Tripping cause all the comments on here talking bout it was fire and this was the best cypher but dat was hot garbage maybe my taste in music is different from everybody else but I didn’t understand a damn thing most of them said the best one was the woman it’s unfortunate to see how far these cyphers have fallen

  4. Blllrrrrdddd

  5. Everybody went crazy but ken went nuts

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  7. Aaron Serotonin

    Nardo nice wit it

  8. Nardo Wick is a dawg mayne

  9. Knew Ken & 30 was gonna get off, but Wick disappointed me

  10. Aaron Serotonin

    Big 30 snapped too

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