2022 TruBank Des Moines Challenge | RD1, F9 FEATURE | Lizotte, Callaway, Fish, Anttila | Gatekeeper

Welcome to Round 1 of the 2022 Des Moines Challenge. This is the 12th stop on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. We are at Pickard Park DGC in Des Moines, IA. This is the last DGPT event before the playoffs

Round 1 Feature Card:
Simon Lizotte
Ben Callaway
Andrew Fish
Niklas Anttila

Commentary by:
Dustin Mouret
Nathan Queen

Music by:

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00:00 INTRO
02:09 HOLE 1
07:17 HOLE 2
10:38 HOLE 3
14:11 HOLE 4
17:31 HOLE 5
19:59 HOLE 6
24:36 HOLE 7
28:03 HOLE 8
31:57 HOLE 9
35:26 OUTRO

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  1. I need to know how Ben Callaway keeps his damn tucked in shirt stay tightly tucked. I believe in the “look good, play good” model, but if I tuck them they always pull out and get all muffin topped. Help, Ben!

  2. Go Braves!!

  3. How does the moon cut his hair?

    Eclipse it.

  4. excuse me but if simon was T1 coming into hole 9 and T2 after his birdie, that means someone who was -5 aced it?!

  5. Thanks for the coverage. Hienoa tekemistä Niklas! 🇫🇮

  6. Lmfao this Dustin Mouret guy sounds like a sped up ian anderson. its kinda trippy

  7. andrew fish like preys before each shot. Clearly didnt help

  8. Christian Spectral

    hole 7 is a septagon 😉 7 sided
    great coverage!!

  9. I just want to point out that Nikola went over 30 seconds on hole 8 when he was going for his putt where are the TDs for the time infraction exactly

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