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  1. Why is nobody talking about the song when the rapping started I thought Cody put in his own lyrics. The more I realized it wasn’t that I lost it🤣🤣🤣

  2. I like your silvertip hat! Let’s run Minnewanka when you’re in town next.

  3. React to that old reality show that has Tristan Tate in it

  4. please grow a mullet and enter next year

  5. Your open, absorbed, sweetly impressed little face while watching them shake was ADORBS 🥹

  6. Please do the mullet and collab with Julien Solomita oh my god

  7. please grow a mullet and compete !!!

  8. Kurtis needs to compete ong

  9. How do i vote?

  10. How do I get Cody to react to this total work of chef kiss genius? Ireland’s 1st Kung fu film


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