2022 DI males’s NCAA cross country championship | FULL RACE

Northern Arizona won the DI adult males’s cross county team title, ending with 83 points. The Lumberjacks won a tiebreaker over Oklahoma State 3-2. It is the very first time in DI males’s cross country history that a tiebreaker determined the nationwide champ. The only other tie came in 1942, before a tiebreaker was established. Northern Arizona has now three-peated, winning three titles from 2020-2022.

Watch the full 10k race from the 2022 DI males’s cross country championship.


  1. Reminds me of back home

  2. “I knew it would do that.” The line delivery AND Freya’s face really made that a moment.

  3. A wise man once said, “A man only dies when he is forgotten.” We will never forget you Techno, your videos will always make us laugh. You have made a huge mark of the entirety of the Minecraft community, you were the best of the best and you will live on in our hearts. TECHNO BLADE WILL NEVER DIE!

  4. Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    Me and some of my team ran NXR in Arizona, and in the airport on the way back, we saw them and took pictures, it was so cool,they were just carrying the trophy through the airport.

  5. Smii7y doing content on multiple channels and still keeping up with schedules is incredible he puts a lot of effort in to doing these videos and its good to see how much he truly enjoys himself in them

    Edit: the editor(or editors) is great too for working hard enough to put together these videos for us to enjoy

  6. Sigrun and Baldyr were epic bosses to fight. It was nice to see Kratos have compassion for the wolves too. This game is so fun to watch Sean. It just keeps getting better and better. Cant wait for the next part. =) <3

  7. Can do without the woman’s voice. No offense. But…….(!)

  8. Where are the 800m specialist???

  9. The dynamic between the siblings is what I love 😉

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