2022 DI ladies’s NCAA cross country championship | FULL RACE

NC State’s Katelyn Tuohy was the very first to cross the finish line in 19:27.7. Tuohy used a final kick to surpass Florida’s Parker Valby over the final 1K and secure the win. N.C. State ladies won the girls’s 2022 NCAA females’s cross country championship. Watch the full 6k race from the 2022 DI females’s cross country championship.


  1. I absolutely love them both what an amazing era of women’s distance running. I can’t wait to see what they do at the next level. It will be awesome to see them run with the likes of Konstanze Klosterhalfen.

  2. ·〰Poofie~Baku〰·💘

    It’s enjoyable to watch so many talented women runners lead by Katelyn and Parker. It is particularly nice to see more coverage of women athletic events. Kudos to all of them.

  3. I didn’t know what to think when Valby took off like that but I did know that you cannot stop KT near the end. She makes it look so effortless.

  4. This is not cross country.
    It’s a road race on dirt.

  5. katelyn tuohy fans

    This makes Katelyn Tuohy a 4-time NCAA Champion and 3-time national runner-up at 20 years old

  6. “How many rarest things can you find?”
    Camman, an intellectual: My goal is beyond of your understanding!

  7. Immortalsidathara29

    Woot woot Lobos!!!

  8. This was the reunion stream we needed

  9. I really didn’t think they could top the baby monster from the base game but they really outdid themselves with the horror in this DLC.

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