2019 Monaco Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Re-live a captivating Monaco road fight that went right down to the final lap…

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  1. Verstappen needs a time out, maybe a race or two.

  2. How did Vettel get past Bottas?

  3. Leclerc is shyte

  4. verstapen is a dick moron.

  5. 最高✌❤

  6. who else is new to F1

  7. noob driver…

  8. No penalty for Russel for reversing on the track? And leclerc illegal overtake under double yellows?

  9. love how Perez pushes Magnussen off and complains about him cutting over, you can’t just give no room to someone who is directly beside you lol

  10. I don’t know why the huge overtake made by sainz is not in here, it was the best overtake in the race so far

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