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  1. Why is Arin wearing my mom’s sweater

  2. its ya boi nkabc5

    Congrats on getting tredning!

  3. I know this is gonna get lost in the flood of comments, but MAN i wish you guys would bring back on other shows not involving you guys. Tableflip was *GREAT* and you guys should do it more often. You don’t even need a stage! Just play on Tabletop Simulator on Steam, make it a livestream maybe! I dunno, just idea-slinging right now.
    And while it still had Dan I really do miss Steam Train (tho I know why it was put on hold)

  4. tHE rETrO sAVaGe

    Play metroid prime

  5. tHE rETrO sAVaGe

    So more nudity for 2019?

  6. I’ve been watching GG since early 2013 I think. Despite the fact that sometimes Arin makes me wanna slap him with a tutorial book of every game ever, I’ll probably never stop watching you guys, change or not. Arin, don’t get me wrong, even though you’re sometimes the equivalent of an old man in the 1930s using a PS5, that’s far fucking better than some dude playing through a game for the 1000th time, and it brings hilarious moments I wouldn’t trade the world for. Dan, people will never stop complaining about Jon leaving, but many people highly appreciate the chill vibes and occasional anger you bring. Have a good 2019 guys, though you don’t read YouTube comments, early congrats on reaching 5mil.

  7. I know no one’s gonna see this, but I just HAD to say it. The way Dan smiles at Arin when he’s not looking is the absolute most precious, beautiful thing in the world, and it warms my heart and soul.

    Get yourself a man that looks at you the way Dan looks at Arin.

  8. ShadowTheDead101


  9. Madelaine Schultz

    You guys are doing everything you can and that’s enough for us I’d say 🙂 don’t burn yourselves put when you don’t need to, your fans will stick with you no matter what

  10. I know you guys love doing this, but remember that your fans will still love you if you want to like, take a day off or something lol. I see so many YouTubers afraid of taking a short break, but we all hit that mfing bell button, and we’re too lazy to unsub simply because there’s a video or two missing. I do like this new schedule though, and I love how organised you seem to be. 2019 is gonna be a good year!

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