2018 Oscars: Keala Settle Cries During Powerful Performance of ‘This Is Me’

‘The Greatest Showman’ actress talked to ET in advance of her showstopping performance at the 2018 Academy Awards.


  1. Where’s her neck?

  2. My God that was an awful performance. Legit a a whale screaming. No vocals were hit

  3. Forever Simgirl

    Y’all need to leave her alone. I don’t get why people are calling her all sorts of names. Who cares if she cries? Don’t you cry? This song obviously means a lot to her. If you’ve been on a solo or in a choir, they will tell you to connect the piece to something or someone that means a lot to you so you can mean what you’re singing. She did a great job. Stop calling her ugly. Just because someone is plus sized, doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. You’d realize that once you stop looking at the outside and start looking at the inside. Her personality is so inspiring and amazing, like during the interview. Most celebs would’ve been like yea I totes deserved that role, yessss I’m totally gonna sing at the oscars you better watch it. This lady is beautiful and amazing. I didn’t really like the movie since I’m not a fan of “musical movies” but when she belted our this song in the movie I was like YESSSSSS GIRLLLLL! Anyways I’m rambling. My point is that if you don’t like her, just leave her alone, don’t even bother commenting negativity, what do you gain from being an internet troll??? Why don’t y’all try singing for something as big as the oscars and not be nervous. Jeez.


    Cleavage looking kinda yummy?

  5. this me a cry fukin baby wawawaawh

  6. I’m sorry but The Greatest Showman is just garbage. Why are we lionizing PT Barnum as some sort of revolutionary for oppressed people when he was a scumbag scam artist who exploited these people?

  7. Owen McCafferty

    I’m sorry Remember Me fully deserved it!! Why all the shade against it????? seriously this is me??? Is it that huge of a hit?

  8. Legendary Applesauce

    Love seeing all these people here talking about how “terrible” she is. I don’t see you performing at the Oscars. Not even mentioning her success on Broadway

  9. Wow such powerful screaming ?..

  10. Her performance was the highlight that night ❤ and I’m crying right from the start she sings ? even though “remember me” wins, it didn’t stand out.

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