20 Games That TROLLED Youtubers

20 Games That TROLLED Youtubers

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  1. My guy doesnt know Black Jack NOOOO

  2. What about Let’s Game It Out with Hydroneer having that wanted sign?

  3. Omg that was great

  4. Idk if it counts but during the time when PewDiePie name was so big back in the 2013, there’s this playable teaser horror game (P.T.), made by Hideo Kojima, when PewDiePie did his playthrough, the game say something in Swedish.
    It randomly occurs, and somehow PewDiePie got it. He’s a swedish so out of all people, he knew what the game was trying to say.

  5. There is a popular Age of Empires 2 professional called DauT who is known for losing nearly completed castles he’s building, when developers released a Definitive Edition of the game a couple years ago they added a nod to the popular player with a very appropriate achievement called “Castle of Doubt” which you get if you lose an unfinished castle that is at least 95% complete.

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