2 Feet Of Snow Is Coming Before Christmas

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  1. I knew people that got help from your money we appreciate you

  2. Only 2′, LOL.

  3. Digression about New Orleans destroyed the integrity of this video, so we can NOT share this video like we had planned.

  4. Hopefully it comes to Maryland am ready to go plow snow $$$

  5. As someone from the general area, THANK YOU! THAT’s how things get done….I’m sure it was VERY much appreciated.

  6. too much hand movement. very distracting.

  7. and im in the middle 😔

  8. Zacks Random Projects

    Damn I wish I lived up north. Florida sucks balls!

  9. so yea bout that storm in the south yea there’s no snow

  10. Let’s Go Brandon!

    I remember getting a bike for Christmas and it being 0 degrees mid day in Georgia. We could barely move we had so many layers on. Like the Michelin man 😂. That was chilly. Feel for you northerners…Nah not really.

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