1967 Mustang from a Swamp! – Roadworthy Rescues S1 Ep 1 FULL EPISODE | MotorTrend

Derek extracts a 1967 Ford Mustang that has sat dormant for 28 years. But the years of rust and neglect won’t stop him from transforming this car into a new creation.

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  1. Sure don’t sound and perform like a seeeees seeeees seeeeeeees rebuild! And I ain’t been dipped.

  2. I’ve been watching this for a few minutes now and I recall a car. My mom had that had been sitting on the side of the house for nearly 40 years. She had gotten that when she was in her late teens to early 20s and didn’t get to drive it very much and then it just sat, and then I lost mom and I couldn’t do anything with the car so it’s just sad. I wanted to do a project like this with that car, as I think it would’ve made mom very happy to know that car that she loves so dearly had been saved. But as luck would have it, God only knows where that car has ended up now. But I’m really hoping that someone else is doing what this guy is doing with the mustang. Because some cars are too beautiful to let go.

  3. I have a special fondness for Mark’s “I’m going to pause this video and voiceover EXACTLY how I was stupid” edits.

  4. Very cool rig and most definitely road worthy

  5. Hey Derek, LOL you knew that she was in it to win it. Looks like you got some yard work to do lol

  6. Great episode Derek but your original vice grip garage is better than motor trend!!

  7. I do like Motortrend but I will say because VVG is on it, I will now pay for a subscription. Thank you guys for bringing Derek to even more people so everyone can see how awesome he is.

  8. Another great job , congratulations on making Motor Trend, you guys have come a long way ,lots of hard work !iv been with you since the old days, I m sure the weather makes you happy here in the south, Leonard from DFW,Mustang 60s you can’t lose, I’ll be Dipped , you got a runner 👍🍺🚜

  9. Yep. Love the glass packs on your square body, that sound sure beings back memories.

  10. Eleven times the Hertz commercial played during this episode….like seriously!

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