18. Dennis And Dee Get A New Dad


Chewing is an enormous waste of time and energy.


  1. Sup Meg

  2. Best podcast!

  3. fatbodyskinnylegs

    I GOTTA figure out who the actor was that Glenn was shitting on I have to know somebody help me

  4. where do i vote how hilarious the gun firing was

  5. I wonder who the actor they were talking about. lmao

  6. I prefer the podcast to the show now. 🤷‍♂️ the shows kinda gone past it’s prime and this is nostalgia and the real deal again. The podcast hasn’t even begun to peak. That’s my 2 old ass cents

  7. Coffee Egg vs. Egg Coffee sounds like an episode of Good Mythical Morning

  8. Glenn’s aussie accent is one of the best so many Americans struggle with it

  9. Yeah Glenn is crazy, I die laughing when I watch that scene. He runs out of bullets and gets multiple clicks and then shoots a last bullet at the end LMAO

  10. The bit where Dee is a literal ostrich is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

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