17 Types of Students During Exam Results

Examinations are over and now comes the worst part. The outcomes. Who will pass? Who will fail?

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Director: JianHao Tan
Producer: Amander Liew
Editor: Hakim
Cinematographer: Danial Ron, Hakim, Yanz
Sound: Sam, Qushey
Lighting: Kai Le, Sanjay
Written By: JianHao Tan, Vincent Sin
Set Design: Erica Koh
Production Assistants: Kevin Foo, Darrel, Ethan

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  1. Will it ever be the same after this? 😢

  2. where is nicole? i notice that shes not in the class when the failed students r being told to go outside

  3. Finally jianhao get a pass for his exam

  4. Denise terry are in the same class 😮

  5. Hữu Hải Đăng Nguyễn

    Denise, Terry and Vicky will be in T1-T1, JianHao and Kevin will be in T1-T6.

  6. Pls-
    Ben was one of my fav characters 😭😭. Please don’t make so many people leave, Jianhao 😭

  7. I read the board and it said that Jianhao and Denise are both in T1-T6

  8. Seeing this content, i really hope i pass the exam and stay together with mah friends. ahh-

  9. theory: Terry works with the organization (he nodded)

  10. Taruna Kissoondyal

    I am crying 😭 to much

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