16 Styles of Rapping! (ft. J Cole, NBA Youngboy, Polo G, Tyler The Creator)

Welcome to the final styles of rap / impressions of rapping video clip. With the new XXL freshman cyphers and KSI album coming out I figured I needed to come out with a bang so here it is. It took so much work to put this one together so I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Hassat interlude

  2. Hallstatt interlude

  3. Yung Suxge Gaming

    hallslatt interlude

  4. Hallstatt Interlude

  5. Hallstatt interlude

  6. Bro I’m just gonna say what we all thinking. The Miguel/ r&b gotta be a full song

  7. Hallstatt interlude

  8. D3 Boss Gaming & Vlogs

    Hallstatt interlude

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