1500rpm Slow Motion Paint Flinger – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav spins some paint as well as your eyeballs to look at a slow mo point of view as if your neck could rotate at 1500RPM. Get One Free Share Valued Up To £200! Create A Freetrade Account Using The Link Below: https://freetrade.io/slowmoguys
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  1. @ReactiveEarth 25 Covid travel restrictions split the boys up.

  2. Could you try this again but zoom the camera out and crop the image in post so that you can rotate the video without the edges of the frame being visible?

  3. Very sellable art!

  4. Hi Gav & Dan, love your stuff! Just wanted to give a suggestion, it would be really cool to start seeing animal-themed videos… like a jumping spider, praying mantis, mantis shrimp, etc. Y’all have done paint so often, I would love to see some branching out.

  5. matthew campbell

    What would this look like if you use an extremely sticky material that was on fire.

  6. When Dan is finally back, you need to do a special episode. Some random thought is, Dan throwing water baloons filled with paint all over Gav, recording that at a quadrillion frames.

  7. 5:20 spoken like a true artist

  8. these would makes really cool clocks

  9. i bet bigger discs would look even better, as we would see how the paint got mixed.

  10. @ 5:13: A Bird lost in time. Be nice and say hello.

  11. Sorry, can’t come to the party. I’ve got to watch paint fly.

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