15 Remarkable Secrets in Elden Ring!

00:00 Burial Crows
01:03 Traveling Merchants
02:12 Secret Godskin Ability
04:17 Flying Skellies
04:29 Crystal Tears are a Berserk Reference
05:00 This Dog is Friendly
05:23 Roar Medallion Buffed
05:56 Yulia is in Elden Ring
06:49 These Enemies are Strange…
08:23 More Shadow of the Erdtree Secrets
10:02 Siluria is Sad
11:01 Bell Bearings (again)
11:37 Quella, god of dream
14:29 Albinaurics are at the Haligtree
16:03 Loretta was once the Arbor Sentinels

►Mispap1, for Lore / Make ready to Cry editing and footage – @mispap1
►Frans Bouma, for your fabled Elden Ring camera contraptions – https://fransbouma.com/
►Rainer, for their modding assistance in these video clips – @rainergeis4071

►Janice Chu

MUSIC (most is royalty-free or licensed from Epidemic Sound. Sign up or browse here: (https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/j49549/)
►Ballpark Tragedy
►Hunter’s Dream
►Crumbling Farum Azula
►What We Used to Know
►Miquella’s Haligtree
►Before a Journey

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  1. Michael LaVella

    Miquella is phyrexian.

  2. 9:30 it would make a lot of sense for that to be the shape of miquella’s great rune since it also resembles the cleanrot scythe and also the eclipse flag at Castle sol

  3. Matteo Guandalini

    Amazing video! Could the “vision” that you mentioned related to the fact that our character seems to be the only tarnished to see the graces around the lands between? maybe that’s why we’re able to become gods at the end

  4. in the ds2 god named rings, nahr alma, god of blood could be the formless mother, alma meaning mother

  5. Loved the Kale’ story.

  6. Damn i know most of them 🙁

  7. dlc when??

  8. Soulfeeders2020

    everytime I think I’ve seen it all. jaw dropping suprizes in this one!

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