15 Marvelous Secrets in Elden Ring!

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00:00 You can kill Melina at the beginning of the game
01:16 Cross my heart and hope to die
01:59 Why do the mausoleum knights have that armor?
03:32 Is Radagon the Cuckoo?
06:02 Who are the hanging bodies in Limgrave?
06:50 Why can not you dismount the Erdtree Sentinels?
07:27 What is the hardest foe in Elden Ring?
08:04 What’s the finest way to Rune Farm?
09:18 These golems will not assault you
09:33 Why are they called Bell Bearings?
12:03 This statue moves its head when your back is turned
13:03 What happens after the tutorial?
15:31 How to Sekiro-parry in Elden Ring
17:25 Elden Ring is tiring work
18:50 Where do Rennala’s kids originate from?
19:20 Official Elden Ring Displates!

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  1. Prepare to Cry next week!

  2. Hello any one who will check this to make sure I’m not the only one
    I was looking at the map and saw the big cloud in the middle of it all and I thought that’s weird
    So I went to the liurnia tower and looked out and in the middle of the bay was a square just a black one!
    I reloaded and it’s still their and I need to make sure I’m not the only one.

  3. #11
    Someone noticed this in Overwatch, where widowmaker’s butt grew larger when you were further away

  4. Armored core for answer music? 🙂

  5. The cribs in #15 look suspiciously close to the nests discussed in #4.
    Could it be that Radagon pushed Rennala’s child “out of her nest” to make her birth the demigods?
    The creatures resemble a younger Rennala, and also have weak legs not unlike the albinaurics..

  6. This wings on hussars armor were used to protect from being dismounted, just in case enemies were using lasso or arkan, so when someone threw that thing at them they would grab onto a wing instead, the wing then detach (they were designed to do to break, just like their spears. There was a lot of movement action so hussars would rather break their gear rather than fall off a horse). Many historians say that most of them carried only one wing. Well, hope somebody finds that interesting or helpfull. Thanks for great content.

  7. Itwasthebestoftimesitwastheworstoftimes

    But what’s in the egg?

  8. Millicent drops it after finishing her quest so you can experience both miquellas needle uses

  9. Babe wake up VaatiVidya posted

  10. paraphrased: “It’s not a secret, but most people don’t think about the implications of the obvious”

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