132 hours, the unfeasible item | 1 inventory slot (#3)

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Yes, this is actual Old School Runescape! A Re-boot of a 2007 save file of the game, released in February of 2013. We all began fresh, and the game has been getting weekly updates with a devoted dev team ever since.

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  1. haha ok stop playin around u can like the video haha….. (please)

    Get 20% OFF and free shipping with promo code SETTLED20 at https://mnscpd.com/settled #ad

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    • Sir, with all due respect… it’s 4:35 in the morning for me … your video did not show in my subscriptions tab… I just now found it after waking up to use the restroom….

      I must say that you are truly revolutionary! This video, uploaded 24 hours ago…. has well over 18,000 likes!!!

      I hope you see this comment and the comment I made at 3:00 minutes and at 12:00 minutes…

      I’m blown away!! You deserve the 1,000,000 subscriber YouTube award and the fact that you’re so humble and composed…. 18k likes after 24 hrs has left me speechless! WELL DESERVED! You earned every single like and subscriber you have at this time. I hope your bills are paid and your family is healthy! CHEERS Settled! Much love and never look back! Keep grinding…. because remember… *MEMENTO MORI*

    • @Tt Milk I truly hope that you’re trolling with this comment. You must not have done enough research… to realize and understand, that you’re in the comment section of an inspiring and well sophisticated person. A true leader in his production and dedication. Never before seen content with countless amount of hours dedicated to not only the game but the production quality for us… the viewers… pleasure. 😅 no hate but I hope you’re joking. Settled is truly creating the path and setting the standards of RS YouTube quality.

      Although I believe B0aty’s one man army series was the best and will never be topped… Settled has created something special and never before seen by the RS community and YouTube comm..

    • @darrell beets respectfully… look at the analytics of his last 5-10 videos. The 20-30 min long videos. Production quality. Like’s and subscriber count…

      if you had a sponsor offering you money to promote their product… you would do it also. It would be foolish to not do it and pass up on thousands of dollars for you and your family. Enough said

    • @William R oh for sure I’m trolling! Just a little smack talk because J1mmy released a video 30 seconds longer haha! Settled is my favorite creator for Runescape content!

  2. LostIndividuality

    Pocketman mode

  3. The Mass Effect background music 🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼

  4. The fucking Normandy music aaaaaa didn’t expect to hear that

  5. settled, why are you doing this to yourself? do you hate yourself?

  6. Andrew Orlowski

    Pretty sure there is a lit candle you can pick up at watchtower teleport or somewhere near there

  7. You’re probably the first person in Runescape history to light a torch on a range

  8. you know the content is good when my gen-z brain allows me to continuously consume 28 minutes of video without being distracted

  9. this account is just math but with extra steps

  10. Release the 3 hour long Snyder Cut

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