119 Minecraft Facts!

119 minecraft facts you most likely did not know. I went through thousands of different facts and these are my favorite ones

you people impacted my life over the last year… thank you.


  1. If you’re a real gamer join my discord – https://discord.gg/FnE9wXg7Kb

  2. Heidi Sasha Channel


  3. Light blocks aren’t that new and they already are in the game.

  4. 119 Minecraft facts because it’s 1.19 hahaha

  5. 19:14 one shot warden

  6. The Giant Brick Pyramid actually tested the game on big buildings without crashing. 🙂

  7. That thumbnail.

  8. Lil Ryan kids life

    Otters should be added to minecraft because there sooo cute

  9. There is different loading screens for the dimensions in Minecraft pocket edition

  10. I have bedrock and java, and I can tell you that this thumbnail is just clickbait. There are no brown cows in java or bedrock

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