118th Congress – House Speaker Election Continues

The House votes on electing a new speaker.


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  1. I’m just here to laugh at the Republicans unable to do the most basic thing the House of Representatives has to do to even function.

  2. McCarthy is a fool and snake 🐍
    The 20 Republicans need to stand firm and never cave into the RINO swamp no matter how long it takes so keep on voting bc sooner or later these old farts 💨 will gas out

  3. Did I just watch Debbie Wassermann Schultz take a bump between 5:30 and 5:40 ???

  4. Nathalie Sinovich

    So 1856 at 133X repeat votes has yet to be surpassed. It took 2 months. So calculated 2 votes per day and 3 votes every 5th day. So modern era faster. But fisticuffs and cane were used in debate in 1856 which may account for the slower pace.

  5. The UK got its day with that whole Boris Johnson nonsense, now it’s ours I guess.

  6. Margaret Alexander

    What a (**”squalor,”**) taking place before our eyes! Is that a prelude, fitetaste, of of what Congress is likely to be, from the persoective of non- cooperative Republicans. Then we need a definite boot, a hoot, mighty loss in Mc Carthy’s end, since Republicans, have yet to undergo the process of humiliatian, to be humble and stay co- operative? Wow! More pagentry tommorow! Interesting the cost of this, to tax payers, notwithstanding, the constituents’s grave inconvenience, and stalling of our country’s poitical business! Heaven, please, help us all. Thanks. Amen and Amen.

  7. We’re as crazy as British Parliament this year I guess

  8. It’s ironic that today republican representative cammack said that the Republican Party will not rest until the house has a speaker for the people, and then were the group that had the majority voting to end the season

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