11-19-2022 Buffalo, NY – Pembroke, NY area Whiteout – Vehicles Stuck

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Heavy snow persists overnight in the Buffalo area with various automobile stuck as the lake effect bank moves back into downtown.

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  1. That can’t be snow, it has to be baking soda…I mean what about the global warming????

  2. Can we just appreciate the fact that he never disappoints us with his content :

  3. honestly if you can’t drive in snow, don’t drive at all. with year is gonna be the craziest weather we will have in all states. I figure we will get snow in AZ, in the k areas we get over 110 degree weather. we’re gonna get snow here in the desert and I know there are ppl who never learned how to drive with a little snow on the ground here. good luck to everyone who gets snow in there areas, because its gonna be a freezing winter this year with the tempers changes nowadays.

  4. Must be that climate change

  5. I haven’t seen Snow like this since 1969

  6. Ship 1 or 2″ of snow to Anderson, Indiana ❤️

  7. This is just snow

  8. In this weather . you have to drive with chain ? ohoh ,

  9. I see a flood in there future very soon

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