$10,000 If You Pickup Thor’s Hammer

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THANK YOU! I love tacos


  1. I love you so much

  2. 14:00 was kinda sus

  3. Lucky no one got hurt during this video

  4. gaming and drawing styles

    Are you moosecraft ⬇️

  5. It don’t taste like him 😂

    • text me on telegram @unspeakable77

      Thanks for watching you have been selected among the lucky winners for today text me on telegram to claim your prize

  6. My dad broke his nose on both sides today and you cheered me up thanks for all you do keep up the good work please

  7. Jennifer Mullinix

    I cant wait to meet you on Saturday

  8. I always wanted to comment on your YouTube channel plzz Give me a shoutout

  9. Mr.TikTok channel

    Welcome to my YouTube channel

  10. Nickolas Butler

    you gotta get robert oberst from prestons channel to try this

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