1000 People vs 1 Infected!

We have 1000 people on one server and the last person to survive gets Bitcoin.


  1. this video is 1000% Funnier than all of your other ones mr beast

  2. Who else was on the testing server but not in the real challenge 🙁

  3. 7:21 Technically he does get a shout out anyways cause he on the mrbeast channel🤔

  4. Petition to kick carl out

  5. me should be in challenge pls tell me how I get there

  6. When MrBeast shrinks the walls it’s like that scene in Wandavision where Wanda expanded the borders of Westview

  7. This entire video seems like an intro to a video

  8. I like how he already game a shoutout to tommy saying his Channel name but he still did it

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