$1000 if You Can Break This Ball in 1 Minute

Could you break into a squashy golf ball in one minute with an ice scraper? To win cash?? While an announcer is making snide remarks??? Let us figure out…

00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Mirror Ball String Lights
02:10 – Floppy Golf Ball
04:58 – Watermelon Ball
06:43 – Waboba Ball
08:20 – Bonus Round!


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  1. hit the like button for 19. Also for muh channel

  2. claim your here within the day ticket here

  3. Its sad that they don’t make ads anymore

  4. Adam :iTs NoT LEviOOoooooSa not leVioSAaaaaa

  5. the commentator is just irritating, I want him out of this video.
    the girl too.

  6. 9:52 Nanomachines son they harden in response to physical trauma

  7. Golf Ball:
    Slone: smells golf ball
    Slone: smells like it’s gonna be hard to break into😂

  8. Please don’t call a boomerang a “dumb tool’. It is ignorant. It shouldn’t even be used in a video like this. It is sacred to my people and extremely direspectful.

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